Sloppy Celtics Lose to Lucky Pacers in First Road Game

November 02, 2008

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KC Castillo

Sloppy Celtics Lose to Lucky Pacers in First Road Game

Don't be fooled by the title. No pun intended but the Indiana pacers were surely lucky to be in the receiving end of a sloppy Boston Celtics team. Turnover after turnover, the Celtics looked as if they don't know where their teammates were at the basketball court. Credit must also be given to Indiana's defense but honestly, it was just one of the worst games that the Celtics ever had in the past year. There goes 82-0, no one can ever reach that insane record but nevertheless, if they still play as bad as today, then the repeat would be impossible.

Weirder things has happened in the beginning of the season, the San Antonio Spurs are 0-2 and if you forgot already, they were champions a couple of years ago. Anyways, it's still too early to tell but if the Celtics really play as sloppy as today, then maybe they need to improve because there are more tougher teams than Indiana. What sucks more is that the Celtics lost even if Mike Dunleavy, Jr. did not play. 

The Celtics must not feel complacent in every quarter. Eventhough they have the capability to catch up in the fourth quarter, still, they can't pull off that trick all the time. As Doc Rivers sat by the scorer's table in disbelief, the Boston fans were in awe with what happened in Indiana, their shots were always falling while the Celtics had a very hard time to get a ball sliding through the net. It looked as if there was a lid on the Celtics' basket at Conseco Field House.

Big Ups to Danny Granger and TJ Ford, but truth be told, all I can say is that they just really got lucky that the Celtics sucked today.

November 4 = Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets  <== ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF THE SEASON!

Let's just hope that the Cs won't have an 0-2 start on the road after they play in Houston.

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