Steps for the Celtics to Defend the Title (Part 1)

October 25, 2008

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KC Castillo

Steps for the Celtics to Defend the Title (Part 1)

Many may doubt a repeat from the Boston Celtics due to the trades made out in the Eastern Conference. Definitely, many teams have improved with regards to their line-up. You have Toronto with two imposing big men, then you also have Philadelphia adding up Elton Brand. The Eastern Conference has beefed up for sure but as the saying goes, "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion."

What are the pointers that the Celtics will have to look at in order to defend the title?

1) Maintain the same intensity on both sides of the court.  The Cs won many games during the regular season and in the post-season due to their ability to provide enough offense fueled by their tampering defense. Defense does win championships and that was the key for the Celtics to aquire banner no. 17. Their offensive prowess has been already proven with the Big Three's capabilities but their defensive intensity is what they really have more than any other team which makes them the best.

2) Role Players Step Up. The Celtics have great role players in Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe, to name a few. Rondo is becoming a superstar in his own way and his skills are still being harnessed as he goes thru his 3rd year in the league. This kid's gonna be big in the future and he will provide added firepower for the Cs. Kendrick Perkins is a workhorse. His passion to rebound the ball and bang bodies with any center from any team is a quality that surely embodies Boston's intensity. Leon Powe is a different kind of player, his offensive explosions and remarkable moves inside makes him a very likeable player for the Cs. He can produce 15+ points if he wants and also gain enough rebounds to help the team. These types of role players are the ones needed by the Cs and they need more players to step it up like they did with James Posey leaving for New Orleans.

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